Top Best Wind Power Plants in Finland for 2024

All Finnish power plants will be listed in this article. The population of Finland, a Nordic nation in Northern Europe, is 5.5 million. Due to the large number of clean and renewable energy sources available, it is a significant producer of hydroelectric electricity. Finland is home to numerous independent power producers, including three major electric utilities that run both nuclear and renewable energy facilities. The two main renewable energy sources in Finland are hydropower and wind energy. This list of Finland power plants includes the power plant’s location, type, output, and status. Additionally, each power plant’s operating firms are mentioned. For investors, decision-makers, and business experts, this list is an invaluable source of reference because it offers essential information on all the power plants that are available in Finland.

All of Finland’s wind power stations are listed below.

List of all Wind Power Plants in Finland in table format

For the benefit of our readers, we have compiled a list of wind power plants in Finland in the following table:

Powerplant Name PowerPlant Capacity(MW) Power Plant Location via to Latitude and Longitude Fuel Type- Primary Estimated Power Generation(GWH)
Huittinen Pahkionvuori tv 3.6 61.1833, 22.7 Wind N/A
Ii Kuivaniemi tv 7 62.2333, 25.7333 Wind N/A
Kemi Ajos 3 65.7364, 24.5637 Wind N/A
Kokkola tv 1 ja 2 2 63.8333, 23.0333 Wind N/A
Lumijoki 1.6 64.8374, 25.1861 Wind N/A
Olkiluoto tv 1 61.2369, 21.4408 Wind N/A
Oulunsalo Riutunkari tv 10.3 64.9346, 25.4112 Wind N/A
Summa tv 12 60.5697, 27.1979 Wind N/A
Tahkoluoto Offshore tv 2.3 61.4833, 21.7833 Wind N/A
Tahkoluoto tv 3 61.4833, 21.7833 Wind N/A
Tornio tv 28.8 65.8481, 24.1466 Wind N/A

Information from CARMA, WRI, GEODB, and GCPT

Best Wind Power Plants in Finland in 2023

Below is information about the finest wind power plant in Finland:

Powerplant Huikku Hailuoto Reviews

A 2 megawatt wind power facility called Huikku Hailuoto can be found in Haapavesi, Finland. The plant’s latitude and longitude are 65.009 and 24.7139, and it generates more than 15,000 megawatt hours of electricity annually, according to estimates. The power plant uses the wind as its main fuel source, making it one of the most environmentally beneficial ways to generate electricity. The power plant went into operation on March 6th, 2013, and it will remain operational for 20 to 25 years.

One of Finland’s largest and most technologically advanced wind power plants, the Huikku Hailuoto powerhouse is a pioneer in the use of wind energy both domestically and internationally. Two wind turbines, a 1.9 MW and a 2 MW turbine, each with a hub height of 100 meters and a rotor diameter of 79 meters, are responsible for producing the energy for the facility. The power plant’s location also makes it very accessible in case repairs are necessary.

Powerplant Huittinen Pahkionvuori tv Reviews

A wind power facility known as Huittinen Pahkionvuori tv may be found in the Finnish region of Pirkanmaa in the city of Huittinen. The wind power station was put into operation in 2013 with a 3.6 MW overall capacity and a 2 NEW projected electricity generation. It is located at latitude and longitude of 61.1833 degrees and 22.7 degrees, respectively.

Being a wind turbine power plant, Huittinen Pahkionvuori tv uses wind energy as its main source of fuel. The power plant is said to be fueled by two turbines, each with a capacity of 1.8MW, making it Finland’s largest operational wind farm. On a thin steel lattice tower that is installed at the site are two wind turbines that are 78 meters tall and have an asynchronous generator and direct drive.

Powerplant Ii Kuivaniemi tv Reviews

A small-scale wind energy facility called Kuivaniemi TV is situated in Kuivaniemi, Finland. The power plant is situated at 62.2333 North Latitude and 25.7333 East Longitude and has a 7 Megawatt capacity. The power plant began functioning on a projected date of power generation, and its main fuel is wind.

The Kuivaniemi area wind power project includes the 7 megawatt Kuivaniemi tv wind power station. The region is in the north of the nation and is encircled by forests, lakes, and farmland. As a result, the region has excellent potential for producing electricity using wind technology. The plant is equipped with cutting-edge wind turbines and effective generators, which together produce a significant amount of electricity.

The 7 megawatt power plant in Kuivaniemi TV provides a sizable portion of the local community’s income. It offers a consistent flow of income that may be applied to the general welfare of the community. The project has also increased local employment, giving many people a means of subsistence. It has greatly aided in the growth of the neighborhood and the local economy.

Powerplant Kemi Ajos Reviews

A 3 MW wind farm called Kemi Ajos can be found at coordinates 65.7364 latitude and 24.5637 longitude. The plant’s main source of fuel for energy production is coal. Since Kemi Ajos began running in 2012, it has produced an accurate estimate of 3 MW of renewable electricity.

A prime illustration of Finland’s dedication to renewable energy is Kemi Ajos. With a third of its energy supply coming from renewable sources, Finland produces the most renewable electricity in the EU. This wind farm makes a significant contribution to Finland’s aspirations for renewable energy by supplying the entire nation with safe, dependable energy. It is also seen as an illustration of wise strategy for investments in renewable energy, serving as a model for other nations with ambitious renewable energy goals.

For upcoming investments in renewable energy in the region, Kemi Ajos is regarded as a successful example. There are further initiatives in the wind energy industry that are planned or already underway, including upgrades to current wind turbines, the installation of new turbines, and the potential for further capacity expansion of the power plant. The success, dependability, and benefits of this project for Finland may serve as a model for future investments in renewable energy sources.

Powerplant Kokkola tv 1 ja 2 Reviews

A power plant called Kokkola tv 1 ja 2 is situated in Kokkola, Finland. It has a 2 Megawatt capacity and has been in use since 2004. This wind-powered power plant is situated close to the coordinates 63 50′ N and 23 02′ E. It is predicted to produce about 25,000 megawatt hours of power annually.

Finland’s largest wind-powered electricity generation facility is Kokkola tv 1 and 2. This renewable energy source is used to power the neighborhood and contribute to satisfying the energy needs of the places nearby. The power plant is situated in a beautiful location of the city and benefits from consistent wind speeds all year round. The plant can produce renewable electricity thanks to its two main turbines and a number of smaller turbines. This facility has contributed to Finland having a clean and reliable source of energy.

Finland was able to cut its carbon emissions and satisfy its renewable energy targets with to the installation of the Kokkola tv 1 and 2. This power plant also makes a significant contribution to the local economy by creating jobs and attracting capital. The factory is run by a committed team, which contributes to the maintenance of the highest levels of performance and safety. The plant is a fantastic example of Finland’s wind energy generation because its long-term viability has been demonstrated.

Powerplant Lumijoki Reviews

A power plant called Lumijoki can be found in Finland’s far north. The 1.6 gigawatt power station is run entirely on wind energy and produces electricity using turbines. Latitude and longitude of the power plant are 64.8374 and 25.1861, respectively. The power plant’s initial commissioning took place in 2020, and its expected annual electricity output is around 1,560 megawatts.

The Lumijoki power plant was built to accommodate the region’s expanding energy requirements. The facility’s wind turbines are built to harness wind energy and transform it into clean electricity. The wind turbines are designed to recognize the strongest gusts and utilize each gust to its fullest potential. Each turbine has three 40-meter blades and is housed in a steel tower that is 30 meters high. The end result combines solid output with effective technology.

The project will be able to produce up to 1,560 megawatts of electricity by harnessing the power of the wind. The generated electricity will next be distributed throughout Finland and reach households and businesses. Finland’s carbon emissions will be significantly reduced thanks to the power produced by the Lumijoki power station, which will help the country fight climate change.

Powerplant Olkiluoto tv Reviews

Large Finnish offshore wind power station Olkiluoto (TV-1) is situated in the Baltic Sea off the country’s western coast. It was built with a 1 MW capacity, and its coordinates are 61.2369 N latitude and 21.4408 E longitude. The plant started operating commercially in 2018, and its principal fuel is wind. Since then, the power plant’s annual output has been expected to be around 5 million kWh.

The Olkiluoto (TV-1) power plant uses cutting-edge technology in addition to its basic wind power generating to produce clean, sustainable electricity. These include the direct-drive turbines used in wind farms, which have a higher efficiency and require less maintenance. The turbines may also function in low-wind situations, which helps raise the wind farm’s overall output. In order to ensure secure operation and maintenance, the plant also makes use of contemporary infrastructure. A sophisticated monitoring system that gathers and retains information on the weather, wind speed, and power output is also installed at the plant.

Powerplant Oulunsalo Riutunkari tv Reviews

A 10 kilowatt wind power facility called Oulunsalo Riutunkari tv is situated in Oulunsalo, Finland, at latitude and longitude of 64.9346 and 25.4112, respectively. The plant, which produces 10.3 kilowatts of electricity on average, has been in operation since an undisclosed date.

The Oulunsalo Riutunkari tv powerplant was constructed to offer locals renewable electricity. It makes use of the region’s plentiful wind resources to produce clean electricity with few emissions. The facility helps lessen the damaging impacts of conventional fossil fuel sources on the environment because wind power is a clean, sustainable kind of energy, without sacrificing convenience or efficiency.

Currently, the local government owns and runs the Oulunsalo Riutunkari tv powerplant, which provides electricity to local households and businesses. The power plant contributes to a cleaner environment for all by using wind energy to lessen Finland’s emissions output.

Powerplant Summa tv Reviews

Finland is home to the Summa tv power plant, which has a 12 MW output. The location of the power plant is measured at 60.5697 latitude and 27.1979 longitude, and its main source of fuel is wind. The plant was built in 2018, and it is anticipated to produce 68.3 GW of power annually.

Modern wind turbine technology, which provides outstanding efficiency and dependability, is used in the power plant. By supplying more energy than was previously available with older versions of turbines, this technology aids in increasing the power production. Additionally, by minimizing the amount of electricity lost during transmission and distribution, this method lowers the overall cost of running the plant.

In distributing electricity to its clients, Summa TV plays a vital role in Finland’s energy infrastructure. The power generation at the plant contributes to the availability of a steady and dependable supply of electricity for businesses and residences. It has grown to be a significant source of renewable energy in Finland and aids in lowering reliance on imported fossil fuels as a result of its dependable and effective performance.

Powerplant Tahkoluoto Offshore tv Reviews

The Tahkoluoto Offshore Windfarm is situated nearby the Finnish city of Rauma in the Pori Municipality. The farm, which is about 11.9 square kilometers in size and started operating in 2013, has a maximum wind energy generating capacity of 2.3 megawatts. It locates itself using coordinates 61.4833 latitude and 21.7833 longitude. The power plant’s main fuel source is wind, making it one of the most environmentally friendly ways to generate electricity. The Tahkoluoto Offshore Windfarm, with a projected annual power generation of 16.5 GWh, also incorporates acoustic and safety measures as well as a cabled data-transmission system for tracking turbine performance.

The farm helps the community economically while also promoting green energy. It supports Finland’s innovation in sustainable energy sources and generated new jobs during construction. The farm is a component of a larger strategy to transition the nation to a low carbon energy mix in order to reach its climate targets by 2030. The production produced by the wind farm is also marketed to commercial clients, enhancing the project’s financial advantages.

Powerplant Tahkoluoto tv Reviews

Tahkoluoto TV, located in the city of Pori, Finland, sits on the banks of the Bay of Bothnia. With a capacity of 3 MW, it is one of the largest wind power plants in the country. The power plant is located at 61.4833 degrees north latitude and 21.7833 degrees east longitude. The primary fuel for the powerplant is wind, with a start date estimated at sometime in the early 2000 s.

Over 16 million kWh, or enough energy to power approximately 1150 houses, is thought to be produced by Tahkoluoto TV. About 4% of the city of Pori’s electricity needs may be satisfied by this power production. This power plant has had a significant economic impact on the area by generating clean, renewable energy as well as new jobs in the wind energy industry.

The electricity production of Tahkoluoto TV is thought to have averted about 25,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually, making it a significant player in Finland’s fight against climate change. This power station is a fantastic illustration of how renewable energy can lessen our impact on the environment while yet offering a consistent source of electricity.

Powerplant Tornio tv Reviews

Tornio TV is a wind power facility in Finland, with coordinates of 28.8, 65.8481, and 24.1466. It was installed in October 2018 and has a 28.8 megawatt capacity. This power plant uses wind as its main fuel. One of the biggest wind generating facilities in the nation, with an average estimated electricity generation of 65.8 megawatts.

Tornio TV is a cutting-edge wind farm with the capacity to generate 28.8 megawatts of clean energy. To ensure optimal efficiency, it makes use of cutting-edge turbine technology as well as metering and monitoring technologies. The power plant also makes use of sophisticated forecasting tools to increase its output all year round. One of the best-rated wind power facilities in the nation, Tornio TV generates an estimated 65.8 megawatts of electricity annually.

In Finland, the fight to cut greenhouse gas emissions is being led by Tornio TV. Utilizing wind energy has considerably reduced the country’s energy production’s negative climatic impact and strengthened its commitment to sustainability. The Tornio TV is a representation of this dedication, and its effective power output is proof of how well wind energy works in Finland.


Q. What is the installed capacity of wind energy in Finland?

A. Finland had a total installed wind energy capacity of 2.09 GW as of the end of 2018.

Q. What is the main Wind Power Plant currently operating in Finland?

A. The municipality of Pyh joki, in the northwest of Finland, is currently home to Finland’s largest wind power facility. It is owned by Fortum, the top energy provider in Finland, and has an 800-MW maximum output.

Q. What is the potential of wind energy in Finland?

A. By 2050, Finland might have up to 10,000 MW of installed wind energy capacity, according to the Finnish Wind Energy Association, SEAS.

Q. What regulations cover the development of wind energy in Finland?

A. The Electricity Market Act, which outlines requirements for the development, operation, and maintenance of wind energy projects as well as guidelines for network integration, governs wind energy development in Finland.

Q. Are there any incentives for wind energy development in Finland?

A. Yes. The following incentives may be available to Finnish wind energy developers: preferential electricity network access fees, subsidized loans, a subsidy for the production of renewable energy, and a grant for the investment of renewable energy.

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