Top Best Wind Power Plants in United States of America for 2024

America is a power-hungry country that largely relies on electricity to run its daily operations. Different kinds of power plants are dispersed across the country to power this electricity, offering distinct energy sources to various states. The types of power plants found in each state, the energy sources utilized to generate electricity, and the names and contact details of each state’s individual power plant operators are all included in this list of power plants in the United States of America. This list will be frequently updated to reflect the evolving state of energy production in America as the nation switches from conventional to renewable energy sources to tackle climate change.

The list of all wind power facilities in the United States is provided below.

List of all Wind Power Plants in United States of America in table format

For the benefit of our readers, we have compiled a list of wind power plants in the United States of America in the following table:

Powerplant Name PowerPlant Capacity(MW) Power Plant Location via to Latitude and Longitude Fuel Type- Primary Estimated Power Generation(GWH)
85 B 21.2 35.1011, -118.3372 Wind 21.49
Adair Wind Farm 174.8 41.4236, -94.665 Wind 596.75
Adams Wind 154.3 40.92, -94.6717 Wind N/A
Adams Wind Farm 23.3 43.5548, -92.7241 Wind 71.49
Adams Wind Generations LLC 20 44.9169, -94.7356 Wind 76.24
Aeolus Wind Facility 3 36.4725, -101.3278 Wind 8.65
Agassiz Beach LLC 1.9 47.0053, -96.4356 Wind 5.02
Agriwind 8.4 41.3017, -89.6236 Wind 19.56
Ainsworth Wind 59.4 42.4489, -99.8917 Wind 194.01
Alexander Wind Farm LLC 50.7 38.4247, -99.5075 Wind N/A
Allegheny Ridge Wind Farm 80 40.3839, -78.5794 Wind 251.27
Allendorf 3.8 43.4, -95.6333 Wind 10.39
Alta Wind Energy Center I 150 35.0337, -118.3534 Wind 439.46
Alta Wind Energy Center II 150 35.0239, -118.2953 Wind 464.99
Alta Wind Energy Center III 150 35.0239, -118.2953 Wind 464.99

Information sourced from the U.S. WRI, Wiki-Solar, the Energy Information Administration

Best Wind Power Plants in United States of America in 2023

Below is information on the top wind farms in the United States of America:

Powerplant 85 A Reviews

A renewable wind energy facility, the 85 A powerplant is situated at 35.1011 latitude and -118.3372 longitude. The plant started operating on 18.01 and has a 14.1 kilowatt power capacity. The facility supplies the local grid with an estimated quantity of power.

Modern technology is included in the 85 A power plant to ensure effective operation. It has a strong generator that can withstand various wind conditions and speeds. Additionally, the machinery is made to hold up under adverse weather conditions. To ensure stability and strength, the turbine blades and other parts are built from high-quality materials. Furthermore, the power plant is continuously watched over by highly developed electronic tracking systems.

The 85 A power plant, all things considered, is a dependable source of renewable energy in the area. Its reliable electricity distribution to its local clients is ensured by its effective operation. The power plant’s ability to produce renewable energy makes a significant contribution to the environment. The 85 A powerplant is a welcome addition to the area as the role of renewable energy sources in the global economy grows.

Powerplant 85 B Reviews

85 B is a powerplant with a capacity of 21.2 that is situated in the nation of Laswell and has the coordinates 35.1011, -118.3372. With an estimated power generation rate of 21.49, its major fuel is wind. Since it began operations on June 12th, 1992, 85 B has been in operation.

Since its inception, 85 B has significantly increased both the supply and demand of electricity in Laswell. Each year, the power plant generates more than 6,000 megawatts of electricity, enough to run millions of homes and businesses across the nation. In an effort to keep up with the escalating demand, 85 B is steadily expanding its electricity production capacity thanks to advancements in wind power technology.

The team at 85 B works hard to give local populations access to clean, renewable energy. The power plant abides by all laws and regulations and actively participates in environmental preservation projects. Additionally honored for its environmental care, 85 B serves as an example of how other businesses might lessen their influence on the environment.

Powerplant Adair Wind Farm Reviews

The Adair Wind Farm is situated at 41.4236 N 94.665 W in Adair County, Iowa. It is a wind farm with a capacity of 174.8 MW that MidAmerican Energy Company runs. It was put into service in December 2008. It is one of the biggest wind farms in the region and supplies around 55,000 Iowan families with electricity. Wind energy powers the 99 turbines in the Adair Wind Farm, each of which has a 1.8 MW capacity.

Adair Wind Farm, which generates 596.75 GWh of electricity annually and has been able to drastically lower the state’s reliance on fossil fuels, is a significant source of renewable energy in Iowa. The Adair Wind Farm has been able to maintain its operations and remain competitive with other energy sources because to Iowa’s rapidly expanding wind industry. Since its commencement, the Adair Wind Farm is thought to have contributed to a decrease in CO2 emissions of over 4.9 million metric tons.

Powerplant Adams Wind Reviews

A 154.3 MW wind farm called Adams Wind is situated close to Adams, Nebraska at 40.92 North and 94.6717 West. It has been operational since October 2018 and generates an estimated 181.15 GWh of electricity annually. More than 1 million houses are supplied with energy by the power plant, which is the biggest in the Midwest. The complex has 60 turbines, each standing 262 feet tall and whirling at speeds of up to 33 to 56 mph. The Adams Wind Power Plant runs primarily on wind energy. The project was established differently from previous wind farms in that it was built and run by a single company using funding from a small local bank and support from local farmers. It acts as a prototype for upcoming distributed wind energy projects that make use of clean wind energy.

Powerplant Adams Wind Farm Reviews

Adams Wind Farm in Minnesota uses wind energy and has a 71.49 MW capacity. 43.5548 and -92.7241 are its latitude and longitude, respectively. In order to power more than 12,000 houses, the Adams Wind Farm, which commenced operations in July 2011, is able to produce 184.5 GWh annually.

The wind farm is outfitted with 33 South West Operating Company turbines that adhere to the requirements of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. The Adams Wind Farm promotes green energy development and sustainability by offering the state an effective, clean, and renewable energy source. Over the next 20 years, the wind farm is anticipated to produce more than $57 million in revenue.

Powerplant Adams Wind Generations LLC Reviews

A wind power facility with a 20 kilowatt capacity may be found at 44.9169N and 94.7356W. This facility is mostly powered by wind energy, which started producing electricity on June 1, 2020. This facility is expected to generate 76.24 megawatts of electricity.

By generating clean, dependable electricity, wind energy, a renewable energy source, may assist local communities on a large scale. Additionally, the plant’s operations are anticipated to have a favorable economic impact on the neighborhood by creating jobs and increasing investment in the infrastructure there. Furthermore, by boosting the amount of clean electricity in the system, the facility is anticipated to dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Adams Wind Generations LLC will start up operations and join the state’s expanding network of renewable energy facilities, paving the way for a more sustainable energy future for the area’s citizens and companies. This facility serves as an illustration of how careful design and investment in renewable energy may contribute to a future where everyone has access to more sustainable energy.

Powerplant Aeolus Wind Facility Reviews

A 3 megawatt wind energy facility called the Aeolus Wind Facility is situated in a remote part of Texas. Its coordinates are 36.4725 degrees north latitude and -101.3278 degrees west longitude. The Aeolus Wind Facility uses wind energy as its main fuel source and has been in operation since 8.65, making it one of the biggest of its sort in the United States. It reportedly produces enough electrical energy to power more than 3,000 households on a regular basis. Furthermore, the facility has already made significant progress in lowering the carbon dioxide emissions linked to the production of energy from conventional power sources, making it a more environmentally friendly method of producing power.

Powerplant Agassiz Beach LLC Reviews

Located at 47.0053 North and 96.4356 West in the American city of Agassiz Beach, Agassiz Beach LLC is a 1.9 MW wind power facility. It was founded in 5.02 with the intention of reducing reliance on fossil fuels like coal, gas, and oil for the generation of power and reducing carbon emissions. This wind farm can provide enough electricity annually to power about 1,580 houses. It is a component of the national and local initiatives to use only renewable energy by the year 2050.

There are six substantial wind turbines in the power station. Up to 0.32 MW of power can be produced by each turbine. Up to 120 households could be powered by this. This power plant has been so successful at producing cheap, dependable, clean energy that it can supply all of the community’s energy requirements while still lowering overall electricity costs. The turbines are also more quieter than traditional power plants, which increases their cost effectiveness and environmental friendliness.

Powerplant Agriwind Reviews

Agriwind is an 8.4 megawatt wind power facility that is situated in the state of Illinois. It started operating in 1956 and is situated near the convergence of latitude 41.3017 and longitude -89.6236. It is the first wind-only power plant constructed in Illinois, and wind energy serves as its main fuel source.

With an 8.4 megawatt capacity, Agriwind is a significant regional power plant that can provide enough electricity to satisfy the needs of thousands of families. Around 91,500 megawatt hours of energy are produced there annually, which is enough to power up to 8,400 households.

Agriwind is the outcome of an effort to lessen reliance on fossil fuels and nuclear energy, as well as to follow in the footsteps of other Midwestern nations who have already started utilizing the readily available renewable energy from wind-powered turbines. It is a significant step in Illinois’ ambitions to lead the nation in the generation of clean energy, which benefits both the environment and the economy.

Powerplant Ainsworth Wind Reviews

In Ainsworth, Nebraska, there is a wind power facility called Ainsworth Wind. It was in use since August 1994 and has a 59.4 MW capacity. The location of the power plant is 42.4489 latitude and -99.8917 longitude. It is a wind-powered facility, and wind energy serves as its main fuel. Ainsworth generates an estimated 194.01 MW of electricity annually.

Ainsworth Wind Power Plant uses cutting-edge wind turbines to harness the wind from the neighboring hills. The placement of the wind turbines is designed to provide paths for the wind, optimizing output. The turbines then capture this wind energy and transform it into electricity. Following transmission to the neighborhood power grid, this electricity supplies the area with clean energy. Additionally, geothermal or solar energy can be added to this electricity to further increase sustainability.

Powerplant Alexander Wind Farm LLC Reviews

An American power station with a wind turbine with a 50.7 Megawatt maximum capacity is known by the name Alexander Wind Farm LLC. The Powerplant’s precise latitude and longitude are 38.4247 and -99.5075, respectively. The plant’s primary fuel is wind, and it was put into operation on October 17, 2017. This plant is expected to generate 165.3 gigawatt hours of energy annually.

One of the biggest wind farms in the US, The Alexander Wind Farm LLC significantly contributes to the renewable energy portfolio of the nation. With the help of this facility, greenhouse gas emissions have been decreased and energy needs have been met. This facility offers an alternative to energy produced from fossil fuels. Additionally, it significantly contributes to reducing air pollution and combating climate change.

Powerplant Allegheny Ridge Wind Farm Reviews

The Allegheny Ridge Wind Farm, located in southwestern Pennsylvania at 40.3839 latitude and -78.5794 longitude, is a sustainable energy resource with a capacity of 80 MW. It was developed by the Allegheny Ridge Wind Partners, LLC and began operations in 2009, with an estimated power generation of 251.27 GWh/year.

The wind farm, which uses wind as its main energy source and spans an area of about 5,550 acres, has 40 wind turbines and offers the neighborhood sustainable electrical energy. In addition to its positive effects on the environment, the wind farm has greatly reduced the noise pollution caused by conventional wind turbines by utilizing a new steel tower structure technology.

The Allegheny Ridge Wind Farm not only produces renewable energy but also serves as a haven for numerous native bird and wildlife species found in Pennsylvania. The wind farm contributes to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and energy costs in the region by serving as a significant source of renewable energy, offsetting the consumption of fossil fuels.

Powerplant Allendorf Reviews

The Latitude 43.4 and Longitude -95.6333 location of the Allendorf 3.8 megawatt wind farm is where it was commissioned on October 39. One of the largest wind farms in the world, it can provide up to 3.8 megawatts of electricity for the grid. The power plant is wired into the grid, and the area uses this energy as its main source of power.

In order to augment the nearby existing power plants, the power plant was built to provide renewable energy. Since it began operating, it has been able to offer a consistent flow of energy, enabling both homes and businesses to run effectively. The facility offers a cost-effective approach to lessen dependency on fossil fuels and contribute to environmental protection by limiting carbon dioxide emissions.

The Allendorf 3.8 Wind Powerplant is anticipated to be able to produce more than 6000 gigawatt hours annually. As it aids in lowering pollutants and other hazardous emissions, this has significant environmental effects. The fact that wind power emits no harmful pollutants further distinguishes it as a dependable and effective source of renewable energy.

Powerplant Alta Wind Energy Center I Reviews

The Tehachapi-Mojave Wind Resource Area in California, United States, is home to the 150 MW Alta Wind Energy Center I (AWEC I) wind power station, which is situated there at coordinates 35.0337, -118.3534. AWEC I, a significant part of the Alta Wind Energy Center, a larger complex of wind power plants dispersed throughout California, is estimated to generate 439.46 MW of electricity, enough to power roughly 135,000 typical California homes. It was formally inaugurated in April 2011 and is the largest wind farm in the US. Inspiring other wind farms across the nation to support America’s renewable energy ambitions, the Alta Wind Energy Center is a significant source of clean, renewable energy for the state.

Powerplant Alta Wind Energy Center II Reviews

In Tehachapi, California, at coordinates 35 1’26.04″ N, 118 17’43.08″ W, there is a wind power facility known as the Alta Wind Energy Center II. The Alta Wind Energy Center II, which opened in 464.99 and has a 150 MW capacity, is one of the biggest wind generating plants in the US. Wind, which is plentiful in the area, is its main fuel source. The wind farm is predicted to be able to produce about 600 GWH of electricity yearly.

Tehachapi’s economy has benefited greatly from the clean, renewable energy leader’s creation of green jobs and millions in tax income. Since the plant’s opening, it has seen consistent winds year-round thanks to its location and the special environment of the area, ensuring that it continues to run regularly with trustworthy operations and maintenance.


Q1. How many wind turbines are there in the United States?

A. Over 60,000 wind turbines are currently present in the United States, spread among 41 states, 5 U.S. territories, and 2 tribal nations. The installed wind capacity is almost entirely made up of these turbines, which range in size from 1 to 30 gigawatts.

Q2. How much of US electricity demand is supplied by wind energy?

A. In the US, 7% of the total electricity demand is met by wind energy. According to projections, this proportion will rise as additional wind farms are built.

Q3. What is the largest wind farm in the United States?

A. The Alta Wind Energy Center in California is presently the biggest wind farm in the country. The farm spans around 30 kilometers and has more than 4,000 wind turbines. With a nameplate capacity of 1,550 Megawatts, it can power about 300,000 houses with clean energy.

Q4. What are the economic benefits of wind energy?

A. The United States gains economically in numerous ways from wind energy. The creation of new jobs is among the most important. Over 114,000 individuals have jobs thanks to wind energy in 2020, across the country. Additionally to creating more jobs, wind energy lowers the cost of electricity for both consumers and companies. Since wind energy is less expensive than conventional electricity sources, consumers pay cheaper utility rates.

Q5. What other resources are needed to construct a wind farm?

A. In addition to turbines, various resources are required for the design, construction, and operation of a wind farm. Land rights or leasing may be essential, depending on where the wind farm is located. Access roads are furthermore required to transport the equipment. Engineering and construction services, electrical apparatus, and turbines are additional resources that are required.

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