Top Best Wind Power Plants in Taiwan for 2024

Taiwan has one of the largest populations and one of the largest economies in the world. The island is home to a number of power plants that supply electricity for its residents and companies in order to fulfill the demands of its quickly growing economy. A complete list of all Taiwanese power plants, including with each plant’s type, location, capacity, and other vital details, is provided in this article. It gives readers a greater understanding of the size and scope of the nation’s energy infrastructure as well as the significant role it plays in the economy of that nation. This list also serves as a fantastic beginning point for research on Taiwan’s renewable energy sector and its potential to boost the nation’s electricity output in the future.

All of Taiwan’s wind generating stations are listed below.

List of all Wind Power Plants in Taiwan in table format

For the benefit of our readers, we have compiled a list of Taiwan’s wind power plants in the table below:

Powerplant Name PowerPlant Capacity(MW) Power Plant Location via to Latitude and Longitude Fuel Type- Primary Estimated Power Generation(GWH)
Datan 14 23.3979, 121.3603 Wind 38.27
Datan wind 15.1 23.3979, 121.3603 Wind N/A
Linkou Wind 6 23.1363, 120.4883 Wind 18.4
Miaoli 50 24.614, 120.7874 Wind 140.14
Penghu 10 24.4408, 120.8124 Wind N/A
Shimen Wind 3.96 24.7572, 121.1911 Wind 9.87

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Best Wind Power Plants in Taiwan in 2023

Below is information about the top wind power plants in Taiwan:

Powerplant Changbin Reviews

The 96th power plant to be constructed in the nation, Changbin Powerplant is situated at latitude and longitude of 23.3167 and 121.4566, respectively. Construction of Changbin, which primarily uses wind energy, began in 251.29 and it has a 96 MW capacity.

The Changbin Powerplant is built to produce electricity using turbine rotors that convert wind energy into electrical energy. You can power a range of home, commercial, industrial, and agricultural uses with this dependable, renewable energy source. The estimated annual energy output of Changbin is 4,686,086 MWh, which is equivalent to about 4.7 million households.

Changbin Powerplant uses effective energy sources while taking responsibility for environmental protection. Its development was diligently carried out with a view on minimizing energy waste in the power producing process. It is anticipated to reduce annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by around 5.2 million metric tons.

Powerplant Datan Reviews

Taiwan’s Datan Power Plant is a significant source of renewable energy. Its coordinates are 23.3979 degrees latitude and 121.3603 degrees longitude. Since it began operating in 2014, the 14 megawatt wind farm is expected to produce 38.27 gigawatt-hours of electricity annually. The power plant is designed to be very efficient even in heavy wind conditions and uses wind as its major fuel source. The Datan Group, a business with a decade-plus history of research in renewable energy, is the owner of the power plant. It has played a crucial role in opening the door for further renewable energy projects both in Taiwan and around the globe.The Datan power plant contributes significantly to the nation’s overall energy mix, enabling it to lessen its reliance on fossil fuels and further its environmental objectives. Due to the increase in employment in the renewable energy industry, the power plant is also contributing to the growth of jobs in the area. The Datan powerhouse is a valuable addition to Taiwan’s energy infrastructure thanks to its effective design and constant technological advancement.

Powerplant Datan wind Reviews

The Datan wind power facility is situated at latitude and longitude 23.3979 and 121.3603 in Huatan Township, Taichung County, Taiwan. It was put into service in 2011 and has a huge 15.1 Mega Watt capacity. Right now, it uses sustainable wind energy to produce about 10 Mega Watts of power. The wind power plant, which uses wind power as its main source of fuel to produce electricity, is thought to be the most effective of all wind turbines. The Datan wind power station, in addition to being the most effective wind power plant in Taiwan, is renowned for its environmentally benign approach to energy production. By removing airborne contaminants that cause greenhouse gas emissions, it aids in the conservation of natural resources. Additionally, by using less energy to produce power, it minimizes hazardous gas emissions and aids in protecting the ozone layer. For this reason, the Datan wind power plant is strongly favored over other energy generation technologies.

Powerplant Linkou Wind Reviews

In Taiwan’s Xinzhu, the Linkou Wind Powerplant is a 6 MW renewable energy source. The power plant is located at coordinates 23.1363 latitude and 120.4883 longitude. On April 18, Linkou Wind Powerplant began operations. Wind energy serves as the plant’s only fuel source. The facility generates around 6MW of electricity.

The Linkou Wind Powerplant makes use of cutting-edge wind technologies to maximize energy efficiency and provide reliable power. The local grid receives the power generated at the source, which is then used to supply the area’s residents’ needs for energy. The power plant also serves as a backup supply for numerous businesses and industries, contributing to the provision of a reliable source of electricity for nearby areas.

The Linkou Wind Powerplant is a reliable green energy source that makes a substantial contribution to lowering pollution levels and the reliance on fossil fuels. The powerplant is a project the Taiwanese government launched to support renewable energy sources and fight global warming.

Powerplant Miaoli Reviews

The Miaoli 50 powerplant is a brand-new wind farm in Miaoli Country, situated at 24.614 latitude and 120.7874 longitude. A 50 megawatt renewable energy source, this power station began operations in January 2021. The Miaoli 50 power plant’s estimated power generation is 140.14 MW.

A renewable energy source that does not require the use of fossil fuels is wind power. This power plant’s turbines can harness wind energy, which is clean and renewable, and turn it into electricity. Miaoli Country will have a long-lasting, dependable supply of electricity through harnessing the strength of the wind. Long-term reduction of the nation’s carbon emissions is another benefit.

The Miaoli 50 power station will be a valuable asset to Miaoli Country and offer its residents long-term access to renewable energy. With a projected 140.14 MW of power generation capacity, it should be able to supply the majority of the nation’s electrical needs. The power plant will be able to produce energy even more effectively as demand rises.

Powerplant Penghu Reviews

Off the coast of Penghu, Taiwan, at 24.4408 degrees latitude and 120.8124 degrees longitude is the offshore wind farm known as Penghu 10. The power plant was put into service in 2021 and has a 10 megawatt (MW) capacity. It is Taiwan’s first offshore wind farm. A joint venture between Swancor Renewable Energy Co. Ltd. and Orsted created the project.

The first operating offshore wind farm in Taiwan is Penghu 10. With an anticipated 20 GWh of yearly electricity production, it will power more than 12,000 homes. The project is anticipated to cut annual carbon dioxide emissions by over 10,000 tons. The project’s wind turbines have rotor diameters up to 167 meters and hub heights up to 140 meters.

Powerplant Shimen Wind Reviews

Located in Taiwan at 24.7572 degrees latitude and 121.1911 degrees longitude, Shimen Wind is a 3.96 megawatt wind power facility. It has been running since 9.87 and produces an estimated 3.96 megawatts of electricity. This power plant mostly relies on wind energy to turn the turbines and produce electricity. One of the best and most affordable green energy sources currently employed in Taiwan, it is the only wind power plant in the Shimen Industrial Park.

Due to the region’s rising energy needs over the past few years, the Shimen Wind Power Plant has grown in significance. Shimen Wind produces electricity that powers numerous villages and cities around Taiwan. Over the following few years, it is predicted that the wind farm would enhance overall energy output by more than 700 megawatts. It is anticipated that the country would become less reliant on fossil fuels and move toward a future with more renewable energy sources as Shimen Wind’s output grows steadily.


Q1. What is the total installed capacity of wind power plants in Taiwan?

As of June 2018, Taiwan had 1548.8 MW installed capacity for wind energy generating plants. This number has dramatically increased over the past ten years, with generation rising from 488.2 MW in 2008.

Q2. What kind of incentive policies are available for wind energy power plants in Taiwan?

A. Taiwan’s government offers a number of incentives to promote the construction of wind energy generating facilities. These include the person-to-room (PTR) mechanism, feed-in tariff (FIT), tax incentives, public-private partnerships (PPP), and capacity deployment mechanism (CDM).

Q3. How much of the total energy production in Taiwan is accounted by its wind energy power plants?

A. According to MOEA figures, wind energy made up 3.2% of Taiwan’s overall electricity generation in 2017. In 2017, renewable energy made up 12.7% of the total electricity produced.

Q4. What are the main challenges faced by wind energy power plants in Taiwan?

A. Finding one or more sites that are appropriate for wind turbines is the biggest obstacle faced by wind energy generating facilities in Taiwan. Large wind farms cannot be built in the country because of its tiny size and rugged terrain. Additionally, difficulties with the grid connection and a lack of public acceptance present difficulties.

Q5. What are some of the upcoming projects in the wind power sector in Taiwan?

A. The Central Offshore Wind Power Development Project, the Pingtung Offshore Wind Power Plant, the Hsinchu Offshore Wind Power Project, the Chiali Offshore Wind Power Plant, and the Suao Offshore Wind Power Project are a few of the upcoming projects in Taiwan’s wind energy sector.

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