Top Best Power Plants in French Guiana for 2024

French Guiana is an overseas department and region of France, situated on the northern coast of South America. Some of the biggest and most effective power plants in the world are located there. The list of all the power plants in French Guiana and the many kinds of energy they generate will be discussed in this article. We’ll talk about the power plants’ usage, size and capacity, and any recent developments or news pertaining to them. We will also investigate the sites of these power plants in French Guiana as well as their potential for development and expansion. Anyone looking to learn more about the nearby power plants can find a valuable resource in this article.

The list of all French Guiana nuclear, hydro, solar, wind, oil, and gas power stations is provided below.

List of all Power Plants in French Guiana in table format

We have made the following table, which includes a list of all the power plants in French Guiana, for the convenience of our readers:

Powerplant Name PowerPlant Capacity(MW) Power Plant Location via to Latitude and Longitude Fuel Type- Primary Estimated Power Generation(GWH)
D grad des Cannes 40 4.8626, -52.2748 Oil N/A
Kourou 20 5.1636, -52.6702 Gas N/A
Kourou 2 5.1636, -52.6702 Biomass N/A
Petit Saut 113.6 5.0627, -53.0476 Hydro 483.26
Toucan 5 4.8937, -52.5007 Solar 10.34

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Best Power Plants in French Guiana in 2023

Below is information on the top power plant in French Guiana:

Powerplant D grad des Cannes Reviews

The country name of D Grad des Cannes Power Station is 4.8632 degrees north latitude and -52.2756 degrees west longitude. This gas-powered power station, with a capacity of 72 megawatts, started operating on the specified date. It generates an expected amount of power, meeting the nation’s electricity needs, using primary fuel.

The power plant is the outcome of an endeavor to update the energy infrastructure of the nation. It has cutting-edge technologies, including the Environmental Action Program of the European Union, installed to increase effectiveness and lessen environmental impact. One system at the power plant, for instance, lowers emissions of nitrogen oxide. The factory uses recycled rainwater for cooling in an effort to cut down on water usage.

The D grad des Cannes power station’s cutting-edge equipment is intended to strengthen the nation’s energy industry. It is anticipated that the region’s industry, enterprises, and homes will receive safe, dependable power from it. It is envisaged that the plant will serve as a showcase for the possibilities of sustainable and eco-friendly energy solutions.

Powerplant D grad des Cannes Reviews

Oil is the principal fuel used by the 40 MW D grad des Cannes power station, which is situated at 4.8626 latitude and -52.2748 longitude. The power plant was built in 20XX and can generate up to 75 MW of electricity. The power plant’s strong and effective distribution network makes sure that different regions of the nation receive a dispersed electricity supply.

The power plant generates power through five oil-fired generators, each having a 350MW capacity. Every generator has a large range of characteristics that aid in the timely and effective production of energy. Additionally, the oil-fired generators have an innovative monitoring system installed, which enables the power plant to closely monitor each stage of the production of electricity and guarantee that all safety protocols and laws are adhered to.

Powerplant Kourou Reviews

Located in French Guiana, the Kourou Powerplant is a 20 MW gas-fired power plant. Geographically located between 5.1636 and -52.6702, the Kourou power plant enjoys a unique location near the equator. The plant was put into service in 2020, and its main fuel source is gas. The Kourou power station is thought to be able to produce 180 GWh of electricity per year.

Kourou Powerplant offers its clients dependable and effective power. To minimize pollutants and increase power output, it makes use of cutting-edge power plant technology and the most recent developments in technology. The power plant generates electricity using a range of turbines, including mixed cycle turbines, gas turbines, and steam turbines. Additionally, the plant has a waste heat recovery system installed, which allows it to use the extra heat produced during combustion to produce more power.

The Kourou Powerplant is a vital part of the energy infrastructure in French Guiana and a consistent supply of energy for the nation. The power plant contributes to a steady and reliable supply of electricity for the whole area. The plant is a vital resource for both the environment and the local people because, in addition to producing direct power, it also works to increase energy efficiency in the area.

Powerplant Kourou Reviews

Kourou is a power station with a 2 MW output that uses biomass as its main fuel. It is situated at 5.1636 latitude and -52.6702 longitude. The plant started up in 2011 and has been supplying the public with electricity ever since. Its original purpose was to provide a renewable energy source in order to lessen the harm that humans could do to our planet.

Kourou is regarded as one of the most effective power sources ever created. It uses biomass as its main fuel, which is regarded as a renewable energy source that is carbon neutral. Because of this, the plant has been able to successfully lower its services’ carbon footprint from the beginning.

The Kourou region’s need for electricity is met by the power plant. The power plant is thought to have produced more than 15,000 MW of electricity thus far. Since its inception, the power plant has shown to be a dependable source of electricity, providing the population’s energy needs.

Powerplant Petit Saut Reviews

Located in Tsimihety, Madagascar, the Petit Saut hydro power facility is located at 5.0627 south and 53.0476 east. The power plant, which has a 113.6 megawatt capacity, has been in operation since 1986. Water power, extracted from the nearby rivers and reservoirs, serves as the power station’s main fuel source. The power plant, which uses hydroelectric technology, is thought to have produced up to 483.26 GWh of energy since it started operating. As the power plant’s environmental effects are strictly controlled, studies and routine monitoring of the rainforest, rivers, and reservoirs have been conducted.

In order to supply more of the nation’s citizens with power, the Government of Madagascar and the World Bank-led Energy for All Partnership inked a deal in 2016. In order to increase the power plant’s capacity and power supply reliability, the agreement called for an investment of $86 million to help fund upgrades and expansion of the Petit Saut Powerplant.

Powerplant Toucan Reviews

In Kourou, French Guiana, there is an electrical power plant called Toucan. Sunlight electricity serves as its main fuel source. The plant was started on 10.34 and has a 5 MW overall capacity. The plant’s precise coordinates are -52.5007 degrees longitude and 4.8937 degrees latitude.

Electricite de France (EDF), a French electric utility, is in charge of running the Toucan Solar Power Plant. The facility was the nation’s first utility-scale solar plant when it started operating in January 2021. More than 20 million people receive power from the Toucan Solar Power Plant, which is the biggest solar energy facility in French Guiana. Since this plant generates the majority of the nation’s electricity, it has also allowed the government to drastically reduce its carbon emissions.

An essential part of French Guiana’s infrastructure for renewable energy is the Toucan Solar Power Plant. Because of its high capacity and solar energy sources, it can reliably deliver electricity to the region while also lowering emissions. It is a positive move toward French Guiana’s more sustainable future.


Q. Quel type de centrales lectriques est le plus couramment utilis en Guyane fran aise ?

A. The primary form of installation used in French Guyana to produce electricity is the central hydraulic cycle combing of the Perdido. She contributes about 75% of the total power. About 20% is provided by the Pr fet Arranger Kourou thermal cycle combination center. The other sources of production are medium-power installations like solar panels, wind turbines, etc.

Q. Quelle est la source d’alimentation principale pour les centrales lectriques en Guyane ?

A. The primary source of nutrition for Guyane’s literary centers is water. She is primarily provided by the Maroni River and other regional waterways. She is abundantly supplied by barrages. Furthermore, a portion of the continental shelf is provided by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Q. Quel type de combustible est utilis dans les centrales lectriques en Guyane ?

A. The primary source of electricity produced by Guyane’s electric centers is carbon. However, some installations use heavy fuel and natural gas exclusively. A combustible fossil like carbon is needed for the operation of steam turbines and combined cycle power plants.

Q. Quels sont les principaux investissements dans l’ nergie en Guyane ?

A. A significant investment is being made in the fields of energy, information technology, and communications by the Guyane Frenche. Among the major projects underway across the nation are the first phase of modernizing energy infrastructure, the implementation of renewable energy sources, the acceleration of the literary investment plan, and the hydrocarbon technology development program.

Q. Quels sont les principaux d fis li s l’utilisation de l’ nergie en Guyane ?

A. The main reasons behind the use of electricity in Guyana are listed below and the security of the supply. The only use of thermal power plants with a combination of high chelle and low diversity results in a decrease in electricity and a rise in the use of fossil fuels. Furthermore, the system’s ability to respond to energy needs and support development is limited by the lack of regional connections, energy storage, and renewable energy sources.

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