Top Best Power Plants in Czech Republic for 2023

Being one of Europe’s top energy producers, the Czech Republic’s power plants are crucial to the country’s ability to supply businesses and residents with electricity. An overview of the power plants that are currently in operation in the Czech Republic can be found in this list. It includes details like the power plant’s location, kind, and approximate megawatt output capacity. This list is an excellent resource for monitoring the plants that are currently in operation, their capabilities, and other pertinent information as the Czech Republic progresses in diversifying its energy sources and becoming more energy independent. Additionally, by displaying the number of available power sources, the list also provides an indication of the nation’s energy security. For companies and investors wishing to establish operations in the Czech Republic, this information might be quite helpful.

The list of all Czech Republic nuclear, hydroelectric, solar, wind, oil, and gas power stations is provided below.

List of all Power Plants in Czech Republic in table format

We have made the following table, which includes a list of all the power plants in the Czech Republic, for the convenience of our readers:

Powerplant Name PowerPlant Capacity(MW) Power Plant Location via to Latitude and Longitude Fuel Type- Primary Estimated Power Generation(GWH)
Arnoltice Solar Power Plant 1.5 50.8349, 14.2653 Solar 1.88
Ba ice Solar Power Plant 1 49.2488, 17.4311 Solar 1.26
Ben tky nad Jizerou Solar Power Plant 4.5 50.271, 14.852 Solar 6.16
Bernartice Solar Power Plant 1.1 49.3719, 14.3771 Solar 1.37
Be erovice Solar Power Plant 3 49.2894, 14.4844 Solar 4.18
Blatn Solar Power Plant 2.7 49.4202, 13.8531 Solar 4.04
Bl kovice – AG-Sun Solar Power Plant 3.3 48.9941, 15.8293 Solar 4.37
Bl kovice – DH Energy Solar Power Plant 1 48.9951, 15.8273 Solar 1.22
Bl any u Loun Solar Power Plant 1 50.3435, 13.8468 Solar 1.28
Bohu ovice Solar Power Plant 3 49.9044, 16.2569 Solar 4.24
Bojanovice Solar Power Plant 1 48.962, 15.9981 Solar 1.26
Bojkovice 2 Solar Power Plant 4.1 49.0365, 17.7929 Solar 5.59
Boletice Solar Power Plant 1.5 50.7381, 14.1889 Solar 1.93
Bole iny Solar Power Plant 2 49.4044, 13.3687 Solar 3.06
Borek Solar Power Plant 1 49.0301, 14.5048 Solar 1.29

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Best Power Plants in Czech Republic in 2023

Below is a list of the top power plants in the Czech Republic:

Powerplant Albrechti ky Solar Power Plant Reviews

The 1 MW Albrechti ky Solar Power Plant was put into service on 1.26 and is situated in Albrechti ky, Czech Republic. According to latitude and longitude, the plant is situated at 49.7088 N and 18.1182 E. Its main fuel source, solar energy, has a 1 MW estimated generation capacity.

The first solar plant in the Czech Republic, the Albrechti ky Solar Power Plant, spans 4 hectares and has a 1MW generating capacity. It has begun operations. It uses 1100 solar modules, each with a 255 W capacity, spread out over the entire region to generate 1 MW of electricity using solar power. The plant produces green electricity for the nearby families, reducing their carbon footprint and offering a shining example of renewable energy to the surrounding towns.

Powerplant Arnoltice Solar Power Plant Reviews

At latitude 50.8349 and longitude 14.2653, there is a solar power plant called Arnoltice Solar Power Plant. Arnoltice Solar Power Plant, which has a 1.5 MW power plant capacity and has been operational since April 1, 2012, uses solar energy as its main fuel source. Its estimated electricity generation is 1.88 MW.

Equipped with cutting-edge photovoltaic technology, the Arnoltice Solar Power Plant capitalizes on the enormous potential of renewable energy, particularly solar energy. To guarantee optimal energy efficiency, the photovoltaic energy is additionally tested and tracked on a regular basis with the aid of advanced sensors. With the use of this cutting-edge technology, solar energy may be captured and transformed into useful electrical energy.

The Arnoltice Solar Power Plant’s photovoltaic panels capture light from the sun, which is then instantly turned into power and stored in batteries for usage during periods of low sunlight. This reduces pollution and the plant’s carbon footprint, which benefits the environment in addition to helping to lower the cost of electricity. An outstanding illustration of creative thinking and proof of Europe’s dedication to renewable energy is the Arnoltice Solar Power Plant.

Powerplant Ba ice Solar Power Plant Reviews

In the Czech Republic’s Moravian-Silesian Region, next to the village of Ba ice, is the 1 megawatt (MW) Ba ice Solar Power Plant. November 2019 saw the establishment of the solar farm. The 45,000 square meter solar photovoltaic (PV) system was constructed on a tract of land at latitude 49.2488 and longitude 17.4311.

In order to convert the direct current (DC) power produced by the solar panels into alternating current (AC) for grid connection, the powerplant consists of 7,344 solar modules with 336 inverters. This facility is planned to generate 1.26 MWh of clean energy annually in total. The Ba ice Solar Power Plant provides sustainable electricity to the local power system and is now the largest solar farm in the Czech Republic.

Powerplant Ben tky nad Jizerou Solar Power Plant Reviews

Situated in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic, the Ben tky nad Jizerou Solar Power Plant is situated by the Jizera River. Situated at 50.271 latitude and 14.852 longitude, the power station has a 4.5 MW capacity. The Ben tky nad Jizerou Solar Power Plant was initially put into service on July 6, 2016, and uses solar energy as its primary fuel source. Since then, the power plant’s expected annual electricity production has increased to 6.16 GWh, making a substantial addition to the nation’s renewable energy portfolio.

The Beneštky nad Jizerou Solar Power Plant is an invaluable resource for the citizens of the Czech Republic, offering a more economical and sustainable power source than alternative energy sources. In addition, the electricity produced is far more cost-effective and cleaner over time when compared to conventional energy sources. Additionally, the plant can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which is a significant way to mitigate climate change.

Powerplant Bernartice Solar Power Plant Reviews

In the Czech Republic, the 1.1 megawatt Bernartice Solar Power Plant is situated at 49.3719 latitude and 14.3771 longitude. It has been operating since 1.37 and is estimated to provide enough electricity to power about 900 homes while lowering the amount of emissions that are released into the system. This photovoltaic facility uses the region’s plentiful sunshine to generate clean, safe electricity for the community.

Renewable Energy Partnership, one of the Czech Republic’s top suppliers of renewable energy solutions, is the owner of the Bernartice Solar Power Plant. Utilizing the best solar PV panels available, the plant harnesses the sun’s full energy. An off-grid inverter, which is attached to the solar panels, controls the electricity generated before it is consumed or stored.

The solar project is anticipated to play a significant role in helping the Czech government achieve its renewable energy targets. It will contribute to the nation’s increased energy efficiency by lowering the amount of electricity generated from fossil fuels. An estimated 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide are saved by the plant each year, making it a significant contributor to a healthier Earth.

Powerplant Be erovice Solar Power Plant Reviews

The Czech Republic’s Be erovice Solar Power facility is a 3-megawatt solar power facility. Situated in the village of Be erovice, this solar facility is one of the biggest in the nation. The solar park is situated in latitude 49.2894 and longitude 14.4844, with a total size of 3 hectares. The solar facility, which can generate up to 3 megawatts of electricity, was put into service in April 2018. Polycrystalline photovoltaic modules and permanent tilt mounting systems are features of the solar plant.

Solar energy is the main fuel that the solar plant uses. It is anticipated that the solar power plant will produce 4.18 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and offering clean, renewable energy. Up to 1,000 local homes can receive electricity from the solar facility, which also reduces 1,400 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Powerplant Blatn Solar Power Plant Reviews

The Blatn Solar Power Plant may be found in Country Name in latitude 49.4202 degrees north and longitude 13.8531 degrees east. Its main fuel source is solar energy, and it has a 2.7 MW overall power capacity. Since this power plant was started on 4.04, its annual electricity generation is expected to be 8.5 MWh.

The purpose of this power plant’s establishment was to supply Country Name’s citizens with clean energy. Photovoltaic solar radiation is produced at the Blatn Power Plant using solar energy, and it is a dependable and efficient method of producing green energy and lowering carbon emissions. This power plant is an affordable source of electricity generation with a better return on investment.

Blatn Solar Power Plant advantages include reduced emissions, efficient energy use, and energy storage systems. This power plant also uses cutting edge monitoring technology to guarantee continuous electricity generation and dependable, safe operations. Additionally, the plant guarantees a consistent supply of energy to different Country Name households, companies, and other facilities.

Powerplant Bl kovice – AG-Sun Solar Power Plant Reviews

Situated in the Czech Republic is the AG-Sun Solar Power Plant in Blkovice. The plant is located at 48.9941 latitude and 15.8293 longitude, with a total capacity of 3.3 MW. The primary fuel used to produce electricity in the area is solar energy. Since its initial start of operation on June 4.37, it has given the Czech Republic access to a renewable energy source. The power plant’s solar energy has the capacity to generate over 4 gigawatt hours of renewable energy per year.

Thousands of people receive electricity from the largest solar energy producer in the Czech Republic, the Bl kovice – AG-Sun Solar Power Plant. It has reduced its environmental effect by implementing numerous programs and utilizing the most recent solar technologies. The facility emits no harmful or polluting gases, and its carbon impact is minimal. Because of its high efficiency level, which enables it to generate more energy with fewer resources than conventional power plants, the plant is both extremely efficient and reasonably priced.

Powerplant Bl kovice – DH Energy Solar Power Plant Reviews

The anticipated capacity of the Bl kovice – DH Energy Solar Power Plant in the Czech Republic is 1. This power station, which primarily runs on solar energy, is situated at 48.9951 latitudes and 15.8273 longitudes. It began operating in July 2020 and is anticipated to produce 1.22KW.

This power plant’s production of sustainable solar energy is anticipated to benefit the environment and move the Czech Republic closer to becoming a greener country. The solar power plant will stop the combustion of fossil fuels, which releases pollutants into the atmosphere, and supply clean electricity to the nearby communities. Strict testing and regulations are in place at the power plant to guarantee that the solar electricity generated is of the highest caliber and complies with environmental and safety standards.

Powerplant Bl any u Loun Solar Power Plant Reviews

The Bl any u Loun Solar Power Plant is situated in the Country Name at latitude 50.3435 north and longitude 13.8468 east. The Power Plant was started on the Powerplant Start Date and has a 1 MW overall capacity. Primary Fuel is used to fuel this solar power plant, which is anticipated to produce 1.28 GWh of electricity a year.

Highest worldwide technical standards were followed in the construction of the Bl any u Loun Solar Power Plant to guarantee Country Name a dependable, high-performance energy supply. The plant minimizes energy losses from temperature fluctuations and other environmental factors by optimizing the efficiency of the solar cells through the use of a number of inverters and the most recent solar tracking technology. Furthermore, even in the absence of sunlight, the power plant’s grid-connected, cutting-edge energy storage devices enable it to continuously supply energy to Country Name.

Powerplant Bohu ovice Solar Power Plant Reviews

The coordinates of the Bohu ovice Solar Power Plant are 16.2569 longitude and 49.9044 latitude in the Czech Republic. Its anticipated power output is three megawatts (MW), with solar energy serving as its main fuel source. The Bo u ovice Solar Power Plant helps the nation get closer to its objective of producing more renewable energy while lowering its reliance on non-renewable resources. Operating since April 6th, 2017, the Bohu ovice Solar Power Plant produces an estimated 4.24 GWh of electricity annually. This plant is a part of the larger trend in the Czech Republic towards increased use of renewable energy resources. For instance, the Czech Republic saw a rise in renewable energy output of over 11% and a decline in non-renewable energy production of over 7% in 2019. The country’s efforts to transition to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy system are expected to be greatly aided by the Bohu ovice Solar Power Plant.

Powerplant Bojanovice Solar Power Plant Reviews

The Bojanovice Solar Power Plant, which has an estimated 1 MW of power generation capacity, just celebrated its inauguration day in Moravia, Czech Republic. The precise latitude and longitude of the location are 48.962 and 15.9981, respectively. The factory is primarily powered by solar energy, making it one of the biggest solar power projects in the nation and the first solar farm in the Czech Republic.

Bojanovice Solar Power Plant has been in operation since August 15, 2020, the day it was established. Consequently, it has already generated 500,000 kW of energy for the area. The facility is expected to continuously produce 12.8 gigawatts of energy over the next few years. It is anticipated to lessen the nation’s reliance on coal and other non-renewable energy sources. Therefore, it is anticipated that the plant’s existence will lessen Moravia’s, the Czech Republic’s, and the nation’s overall carbon footprint.

Powerplant Bojkovice 2 Solar Power Plant Reviews

The Bojkovice 2 Solar Power Plant is situated at 49.0365 latitude and 17.7929 longitude in the Czech Republic. This solar power plant, with a capacity of 4.1 MW, has been in operation since 5.59. With its prime location, this plant can provide enough solar energy to power about 6,400 houses.

At Bojkovice 2 Solar Power Plant, the solar panels generate about 4.1 MW of electricity each day on average. However, the results may occasionally vary due to shifting local and ambient meteorological circumstances. This is just one of the many disadvantages of generating power primarily from solar energy. The project has multiple battery storage facilities to store extra energy when demand is low and an automatic tracking system to help the panels remain appropriately inclined towards the sun in order to maintain continuous production.

Powerplant Boletice Solar Power Plant Reviews

Located at 50.7381 N, 14.1889 E in the European nation of Czech Republic, Boletice Solar Power Plant has been in service from 1.93. The 1.5 MW Boletice Solar Power Plant runs on solar energy as its primary fuel. It produces electricity and feeds it into the electrical system using energy from the sun. The nation is attempting to lessen its reliance on other energy sources, such as fossil fuels, for the production of power by utilizing solar energy.

An illustration of the growing usage of renewable energy sources in the Czech Republic for electricity generation is the Boletice Solar Power Plant. This power plant will play a major role in helping the nation meet its ambitious targets of having 80% of its total energy production come from renewable sources by 2030, as established by the government. The nation is probably going to transition to a more environmentally friendly, sustainable energy system as a result of growing understanding of the value of employing renewable energy sources and consuming less non-renewable energy.

Powerplant Bole iny Solar Power Plant Reviews

The Bolečy Solar Power Plant is situated at latitude 49.4044 and longitude 13.3687 in the Czech Republic. Started in 3.06, the solar power plant has a 2 MW capacity. An estimated 1.77 GW-hours of power will be produced annually by it.

Utilizing state-of-the-art photovoltaic technology and a distinctive design, the Bole iny Solar Power Plant maximizes the efficiency of solar energy generation. It is equipped with storage technologies and runs on solar energy to guarantee a steady flow of power. An innovative monitoring system installed in the power plant guarantees dependable operation and allows for remote plant management.

Reducing reliance on fossil fuels and other energy sources is the aim of the Bole iny Solar Power Plant. This will assist in achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement by lowering the quantity of damaging emissions into the atmosphere. Additionally, the factory will contribute to the region’s economic growth and job creation.


Q. What is the current estimated electricity generation capacity in the Czech Republic?

A. The Czech Republic is estimated to have an installed capacity of 13.7 GW for energy generation. This includes about 1.2 GW of additional renewable energy sources, 3.8 GW of nuclear power, and approximately 7.4 GW of thermal capacity.

Q. What type of power plants is used to generate electricity in Croatia?

A. Nuclear and coal-fired power facilities in the Czech Republic produce the majority of the country’s electricity. Wind and solar electricity are not yet commonly employed, while hydroelectric power makes only a minor portion of the total. Regulations in Czechoslovakia limit the renewable energy targets to primarily hydroelectric power.

Q. What is the role of the Moravian-Silesian and Ostrava power plants in the Czech Republic?

A. Two sizable power plants that generate electricity in the Czech Republic are the Moravian-Silesian and Ostrava Power Plants. More than 70% of the energy produced in the Czech Republic comes from these power plants together. Both of these coal-fired power stations are heavily used to supply the nation’s electricity demands.

Q. What is the current market share of renewable energy sources in the Czech Republic?

A. In the Czech Republic, 10% of the total electricity produced comes from renewable energy sources. This is mostly because Czechoslovakia set modest goals for renewable energy sources. Nonetheless, the nation has been moving in the direction of raising its goal for the proportion of renewable energy sources in its electrical generation.

Q. What are the primary sources of fuel used to generate electricity in the Czech Republic?

A. Nuclear and coal-fired power facilities produce the majority of the nation’s electricity. The nation also depends on hydroelectric electricity and, to a lesser extent, wind and solar power in addition to these main fuel sources. Additionally, the quantity of renewable energy sources that can be used is restricted by Czechoslovak rules.

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